USB Charger Nanny Security Camera with Built-in DVR 720x480

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  • USB Charger Nanny Security Camera with Built-in DVR 720x480
  • USB Charger Nanny Security Camera with Built-in DVR 720x480
  • USB Charger Nanny Security Camera with Built-in DVR 720x480
  • USB Charger Nanny Security Camera with Built-in DVR 720x480
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Product Description

Hidden camera disguised as a Wall Outlet USB Charger that contains a built-in hidden camera and built-in DVR Micro SD card video recorder! 

The base price includes built-in 8GB memory. This model is unique because the memory is built-in and cannot be removed. This model records video at the rate of approximately 2 GB per hour.
8GB=4 Hours, 16GB=8 Hours, 32GB=16 Hours, 64GB=32 Hours of total video using Motion Activated Recording.

Works as a USB Wall Charger
This wall power adapter has a USB charging port that is fully functional! In addition to the hidden camera functions it also works and can be used to power or charge most devices that are normally charged or powered by a USB connection. That means it can be used it to power or recharge some cell phones, tablets, e-cigs, and other similar devices too.

Use it Anywhere
Since USB chargers are so common, this model is one of the most versatile hidden cameras on the market today. It can be used almost anywhere just by plugging it into a normal wall outlet, power strip, extension cord, etc.

Built-in DVR Video Recorder
The digital video is recorded internally to internal memory. 8 GB is standard and that is enough to record approximately 4 hours of video. Models with more memory up to 128 GB may be ordered at time of purchase. Choose the memory size you need from the option list above.

Motion Detection Recording
In motion detection mode it will remain in standby until motion is detected, then only trigger the DVR to record when it sees movement in the view.

Never run out of power
No need to worry about batteries with this model because it plugs directly into a standard AC outlet so this portable hidden camera can record 24/7 or for as long as you need it to.

Playback is easy
Plug this device into any PC (or Mac) with the included USB cable to review your video! Video can also be copied to your PC, uploaded to the internet, or you can delete your recorded video to make room for more!

Digital Playback
The video files are recorded as AVI (H.264) so they can be viewed on almost any PC or Mac, using popular free software like Windows Media Player or Kmplayer - and they can be easily edited by most video editors. Please note, unlike other models, the Micro SD card cannot be removed and used for playback - this camera will have to be connected to a desktop or laptop computer (Windows or Mac) to view your video. 

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